Artivist Workshop- Bryant High School

Project Attica is proud to announce that for the last four years we have worked with the students from Ms. Roach's class from Bryant High School.  Year after year we are amazed and impressed by the creativity and engagement displayed by the students in participating in the artivist workshop. This year was no different except that we conducted a two-day workshop.  Project Attica led off the workshop with a discussion on the crisis of police brutality that continues to affect the nation.  From this starting point, the students interacted in the workshop discussing stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, and solidarity.  The students were enthusiastic, engaged, and very vocal about the social justices issues that they are passionate about such as gender discrimination, environmentalism, and police brutality to name a few.

We want to thank the students, the library staff, the teachers, Bryant High School as a whole, and, of course, Ms. Roach for her continued support.

Below are some of the artivist creations:


-Artivists Hands Brainstorm: 

2015-04-17 09.40.01


2015-04-17 09.54.08


2015-04-17 09.54.19


2015-04-17 09.54.31

2015-04-17 10.07.39




-Artivists Creating in Full Effect

2015-04-17 10.07.48


2015-04-20 09.15.07

2015-04-20 09.17.02


-Artivist Designs: 


2015-04-20 10.31.15


2015-04-20 10.39.23


2015-04-20 10.31.20


2015-04-20 09.41.57

2015-04-20 09.41.51