Artivist Workshop-BASE High School Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Project Attica recently worked with the peer leader students from BASE high school in Brooklyn who are part of the Margaret's Place after school program.  We conducted a presentation focused on using the artivist concept to dismantle gender stereotypes.  We then had a collective discussion on what the artivist concept is followed by a powerful conversation on gender stereotypes and how these keep us confined to certain roles in society.  The peer leaders had been working on a campaign around teen relations and they were engaged and quick to understand how art can be used to fight gender stereotypes. Project Attica wants to thank the students and the teacher for allowing us the space to work with such an amazing group, below are some of their artivist creations:


Design Stage:

2015-05-14 16.17.16


2015-05-14 16.17.23



2015-05-14 16.17.26


2015-05-14 16.44.54

2015-05-14 16.26.58




Artivist Fruits:

2015-05-14 16.55.27


2015-05-14 16.55.34






2015-05-14 16.55.44 (1)



2015-05-14 16.57.23


2015-05-14 16.44.40