Project Attica at BREC Community/Midtown Community Court Police Forum on Thursday, November 12th

Project Attica joins BREC Community groups (in cooperation with Midtown Community Court) and other non-profit organizations, including Youth Action NYC (CCNY), Strategies for Youth, Streetwise and Safe, NYCLUYouth Justice Board and NYPD Community Affairs for a panel discussion and Artivism workshop on Thursday, November 12th 2015 from 9-12pm. Breakout Sessions start at 10:20am.

James Baldwin High School, 351 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011 

See full lineup below:

BREC Community - Police Forum

Midtown Community Court in partnership with

The James Baldwin School

November 12th, 2015

Breakout Sessions

Session A 10:20-11:05

Session B 11:10-11:55

1.    “Growing Fairness” facilitated by the JBS Fairness Committee

Have you seen or experienced students being treated unfairly at school (currently or in the past)? The Fairness Committee at the James Baldwin School is a chance for students to have a say in how situations are handled and responded to at JBS. In this workshop, you will learn more about the fairness committee at JBS, and how you can be involved. Being a part of a community based upon shared core values means that we all have a responsibility to make sure those core values are being paid attention to! Participating in fairness is a way to help see that JBS is honoring our Core Values!

2. “Artivism and Action” facilitated by Project Attica (Session A & B)

What is "artivism"? How can we use "artivism" to engage with social justice issues such as gun violence, police brutality, discrimination, and many more? Join ProjectAttica in this breakout session to learn how art can be used to build collective knowledge, to empower, and to foster creativity. After a focused group discussion, students will design their own t-shirts using stencils and fabric paints. Afterwards, students will learn how to use their creations as artivists to take a stand for the issues they are passionate about.

3. “Advocacy 101” facilitated by Youth Action NYC/CCNY

Learn what advocacy is, why it is important, and how to do it. This hour long workshop is designed to answer questions about advocacy, get you thinking about issues you may want to fight for, and help you figure out where to start!

4. “Juvenile Jeopardy” facilitated by Strategies for Youth

This game is aimed at teaching teens the workings of the juvenile justice system, their rights and obligations, and how to interact with officers respectfully and avoid confrontations. Derived from the television jeopardy game, JJJ offers teens an opportunity to explore what they think they know about the juvenile justice system and how the media portrays teen violence and criminality to them—and how much they believe it.

5. “This Is My Truth” facilitated by Streetwise and Safe

THIS IS MY TRUTH is a unique Know Your Rights workshop designed for and by LGBTQ youth of color. Using video combining personal testimonies, re-enacted real life experiences, and description of laws used to police street-based youth to provide information about street encounters, warrants, sexual harassment by police and inappropriate searches.

6. “Know Your Rights” facilitated by NYCLU (Session 1 only)

This training covers civilian-police interactions on the street, in your car and in your home. The training focuses on Fourth Amendment rights in relation to searches and seizures, and provides practical advice for getting through a police encounter safely and calmly, with your rights fully intact. Each training participant will receive a What To Do If You’re Stopped By the Police palm card.

7. “Understanding the School-to-Prison Pipeline” facilitated by NYCLU (Session 2 only)

This highly interactive workshop introduces youth to the workings of the School to Prison Pipeline. Participants identify the major, everyday contributors to the Pipeline with special attention to zero tolerance policies and over-reliance on school suspensions. Participants also discuss possible solutions to the problem. TEach participant will receive a Know Your Rights with Police in Schools palm card.

8. “Stepping Up” facilitated by the Youth Justice Board

In a time when so many decisions for young people are happening daily, legislators are realizing involving young people in the decision-making process is just as important. The Youth Justice Board, founded in 2004 is one of multiple youth advisory boards within New York City that encourages youth voice in policy decisions. If you ever felt adults do not listen to you or always wanted to speak up for yourself and your friends, this workshop will show you how youth voice can initiate change and tips for using your voice effectively.

9. “Rights and Responsibilities When Interacting with Police” facilitated by NYPD Community Affairs

What are my rights with police? When police can legally stop me? Join NYPD Community Affairs Officers in this breakout session to learn more about actions you can take when you’re stopped by the police, best practices on interacting with the police, and how to have a career in law enforcement.

10. “Examining Violence Between Police and Citizens” facilitated by JBS Students

Why have there been so many recent instances of violence between police and citizens? This student-led workshop will examine our attitudes and understandings about violence between the police and citizens. What can we do to change this? We will look at the black lives matter movement to see if we predict that they will be successful at reducing violence between police and citizens.