Australian City Council encourages kids with spray cans in street art workshops

Courtesy of  936 ABC Hobart  By  Carol Raabus

936 ABC Hobart, January 27, 2016, By Carol Raabus

A group of young artists have covered a water tank in Lenah Valley in murals to learn the art of painting with spray cans.

The workshops were run by the Hobart City Council's Youth Arts and Recreation Centre with the aim of encouraging budding artists to improve their skills.

Youth participation officer Chris Mister said they chose the big, almost hidden concrete water tank on Wilkes Road in Lenah Valley so the artists could experiment without the pressure of it being too public.

"Initially this project was just to give young people the chance to play around with the medium and just explore without having the pressure of having to create something that has to be seen or would be in the general public," he said.

"We wanted to be free of any of those sorts of restrictions and they could just be free and just do what they wanted."

The street art workshops were held over two days, one day to plan out their work and one day to create it on the wall.

"It's quite challenging from going from small pieces to having a huge wall to paint on," Mr Mister said.

"And just the fine control of using a can is quite challenging."

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