Houston Street Cultures Unite To Break Stereotypes Through Art

Houston Public Media, January 28, 2016, by Amy Bishop

Walk into Shorty’s Hydraulics in North Houston on any given afternoon and you’ll be met with a number of sounds: grinding metal, the crackling of a welding stick, and Tejano music thumping. On this day, a shiny, copper-colored 1960s Chevrolet is hoisted several feet off the ground. It’s a lowrider that’s being fashioned with custom-designed chrome metalwork.

Sotero Villarreal, or “Shorty,” is supplying a few of their masterfully painted cars for an event that may surprise some – an art installation at Discovery Green.

“It’s a subculture just like graffiti is,” says local street artist and muralist Mario Figueroa, Jr., better known around town as GONZO247. “And I see a lot of parallels between the subculture of lowriders fighting stereotypes and knowing who you are and what you represent through your vehicle. I see the parallel with the graffiti artist and a spray can.”

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