Photos from our Artivist Workshop at El Centro Cultural de Moravia - Medellin, Colombia


Thanks to El Centro Cultural de Moravia in Medellin, Colombia for hosting our Artivist Workshop.

Located in the north side of Medellin, El Centro Cultural de Moravia is a community center that provides residents with a space where culture, art and education converge as instruments of social development. Click here to learn more about the amazing work that they do for residents of the Moravia region of Medelin. 

Moravia's history is one of struggle and redemption of resistance and hope amid turmoil and economic inequality. The inhabitants of Moravia began living in what people considered in Medellin to be a known dumpster and informal garbage disposal. Little shanties began to dot the mountain known as el Cerro de Moravia and politicians and leaders saw their presence as an eyesore on the city landscape. The organizing of the local community and their strong bonds of community led them to win out territory for their livelihood and the cultural center is a testament to their spirit of unity and love. Working with some 18 youths and 5 adults in an incredibly rewarding and productive 3-hour artivist workshop. 

~ Antony Posada, Founder and Art & Program Development

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Since 2011, Project Attica has brought Artivism – a free, dynamic, visual art, interactive workshop to students in New York City. Held in middle schools, high schools and community organizations in the city, Artivism provides students with a space to create works of art by expressing their views about social justice issues on wearable canvases. 

Photos by Lorena Acevedo Rodas.