QUOTAS AND QUOTES: Multimedia Art Exhibit and Panel Discussion Organized by Police Reform Organizing Project (PROP)

QUOTAS AND QUOTES: A Multimedia Art Exhibit and panel discussion focused on NYPD’s quota-driven “Broken Windows” arrest and summons practices that inflict hardship and harm on vulnerable New Yorkers, especially low income people of color, the homeless, and persons with a history of trauma.

Opening Reception: June 21st, 2016, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm, followed by a panel discussion.

Location: El Barrio’s Artspace PS 109, 215 East 99 Street, New York, NY 10029


As applied by high-level NYPD officials, quotas refer to the aggressive pressure placed on street cops to engage in a certain number of punitive interactions such as arrests, summonses (tickets), and stops.  As a result, everyday our city’s courts devote considerable resources to the administration of injustice, applying sanctions in hundreds, if not thousands of cases where the charges involve at worst, petty infractions and where the defendants are almost always people of color.

The Police Reform Organizing Project (PROP) believes that increased awareness of these everyday injustices by the public, the press and political leaders will lead to a shift in the political landscape regarding policing and prosecution.

Featured art mediums include: mixed-media, scultpure, graphic design, painting, photography and a live interactive installation. 

PROP: Exposing and ending the NYPD's discriminatory and abusive practices that routinely and disproportionately affect our city's low-income communities and people of color. 

Curators: Rolinda Ramos and Jasmine R. Castillo 

Design Team: Maesha Meto, Bog Gangi, Rolinda Ramos, Kim Sanchez, Donald Bajema, Robert Lee. 

Participating Artists: Angie LMV x JT Leiss, Yazmeen Collazo x Adon Wone, Jimmy Aponte, William "BI" Sloan, Amar Bennett, Antony Posada, Atikur Abdule and Harlem Artist Collective. 

For more information, email: Rolinda Ramos, Maesha Meto or Bob Gangi.