Centro Cultural de Moravia

Photos from our #Artivism Workshop at Centro de Desarrollo Cultural de Moravia in Medellin, Colombia

We have been spreading the message of Artivism in Colombia!

We were able to follow up with the Centro de Desarrollo Cultural de Moravia in Medellin, Colombia in order to engage their participants with our artivism workshop.  When we did our first artivism workshop with the Centro Cultural de Moravia, earlier this year, we focused our group discussion on the ongoing peace process that the government of Colombia had going on at the time.

Now that Colombia has actually signed a peace agreement with the FARC there is a lot of controversial issues surrounding the peace agreement, which will be open to a public referundum.  Our artivism workshop invited the participants to grapple with those controversial issues to stimulate critical thinking through art. 

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Since 2011, Project Attica has brought Artivism – a free, dynamic, visual art, interactive workshop to students in New York City. Held in middle schools, high schools and community organizations in the city, Artivism provides students with a space to create works of art by expressing their views about social justice issues on wearable canvases.