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Urban Roots Uses Food, Farming to Transform Youth

Courtesy of  Urban Roots .

Courtesy of Urban Roots.

AUSTIN, Texas -- Urban Roots Austin is a youth development organization that uses food and farming to transform the lives of young people.

But the nonprofit couldn't do it without the adult volunteers who offer a little guidance along the way.

Carrie Heinley is one of them. She says, "Doing something completely out of your comfort zone is just so important.  That's what got me started and kept me coming back."

Carrie has always been a fan of fine gardening. But until she started volunteering at Urban Roots Austin, she had never tried food gardening. 

Carrie says, "I loved the work. When you come out here there's so much to do and it's always something different.  You're planting, you're harvesting, you're weeding and I just learned so much."

Now, Carrie is passing that knowledge along to the young people who work with Urban Roots.  

Carrie says, "They are a partnership in the community for the youth to have real world, real job experiences. And the work we do here is work. I mean, it's a very rigorous, real experience that's great for the volunteers and it's great for the youth."

Urban Roots even offers those youth paid internships.

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