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First Lady Michelle Obama Honors Texas Latino Art Museum For Youth Development Program

Courtesy of  LatinTimes .

Courtesy of LatinTimes.

Michelle Obama has been praised throughout her family's reign over the White House for her amazing efforts within youth development over the country. Now, as the first family prepares to leave an impressive legacy behind, the first lady is honoring a Latino museum for their strides in bridging the gap between the youth and the arts.

According to FOX News Latino, the Mexic-Arte Museum in Downtown Austin, Texas will be honored with the nation's highest achievement for creative youth development programs. 

Known for its display of Latin art, culture and history, Mexic-Arte Museum has been providing thousands of students the opportunity to learn techniques and skills within art.

The "Screen It!" program teaches screen printing to students of various ages, usually 10 to 17, and the purpose of the program is to bring this new art technique into their classroom." Olivia Tamzarian, an education coordinator for Mexic-Arte Museum, said. "What a lot of people don't realize is, this art form has a strong tie to the Latino community, so screen printing is a way of spreading a message."

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