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#Publicolor: Art classes let youth address police brutality

Police Brutality. Art by  Weird Chief .

Police Brutality. Art by Weird Chief.

NEW YORK (FOX5NY) - Art classes are helping at-risk students find a path to a brighter future. Who owns the solutions of tomorrow? I heard about an interesting program that might hold some answers and had to check it out.

Publicolor, a long-term development program focused on addressing the needs of minority students from some of New York's poorest neighborhoods, is tackling the topic of police brutality. I went to the Manhattan offices to join the conversation and to rock the boat of thought.

They are in high school or fresh out. They recently finished the program's Summer Design Studio on the Pratt University campus.

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Community Mourns #JesseRomero, the 14-Year Old Killed by LAPD for Alleged #Graffiti-Writing

Don't Shoot ,  by Bambi in Shoreditch, East London. Photo courtesy of  Dream Deferred .

Don't Shoot, by Bambi in Shoreditch, East London. Photo courtesy of Dream Deferred.

Police say the Boyle Heights boy allegedly fired at them while running away. But one witness says the gun went off when Romero tossed it against a fence during the pursuit.

At a press conference on August 10, 2016, Los Angeles Police Department Deputy Chief Robert Arcos presented its account of the fatal officer-involved shooting of Jesse Reomero, a 14-year-old Mexican-American boy that Hollenbeck Gang Enforcement Detail officers were chasing for allegedly writing gang graffiti.

In a Los Angeles Times video of yesterday's press conference, Arcos said the incident began when the police received a radio report of vandalism suspects near Chicago Street and Cesar Chavez Avenue in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. After police arrived Romero ran. As officers approached the corner of Breed Street and Cesar Chavez, they allegedly heard a gun shot. When they turned the corner, one of the officers fatally shot Romero. Police presented a picture of an antiquated handgun at the conference.

Arcos said that a witness had seen Romero point a gun at police and pull the trigger. But another witness told the L.A. Times that she saw Romero throw the gun toward a fence as he ran and the gun went off.

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