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Proof that #Youth Leaders in #California Have Heart, Service and Art

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There are many forces that encourage today’s youth to seek happiness through consumption of products, substance, and ideas. We are enthused to celebrate these teen leaders who have been recently awarded a Youth Rising Program Grant. We salute the way they work to channel their energy for increasing critical consciousness, beauty, and unity in their communities.

Agustin Barajas-Amaral The Cultural Appreciation Art Project Oakland, CA

The Cultural Appreciation Art Project is an art project for Oakland Youth at the Urban Promise Academy. The art project will allow youth to plan, illustrate and display multi-ethnic cultural imagery that celebrates cultural similarities and differences to help youth to create a safer community where cultural differences are celebrated and similarities recognized.

Through this project, youth and their parents will recognize ethnic diasporas and move away from stereotypes of race. They will see the intersectionalities of race where we recognize Black Arab, Afro Latinos, etc; The project’s first goal is that youth will create and hold deeper friendships and relationships with one another, youth, and adults.

Lyndsi Zapata Siza Los Angeles, CA is a Los Angeles based, debut, dance company. The momentum of our country’s political climate gives Artistic Director Lyndsi Zapata, much reason to put her creative craft to work. The company will perform and communicate through dance, while touching on issues of today that must have light cast on them.

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